Monday, March 1, 2010

For a stylish way to carry your stuff go straight to TiLTcreations

When you're off to slay vampires, carrying your stuff in a fashionable way can be a problem. 

The Buffy B and Mr Pointy Red Messenger Bag, with hand embroidery available at TiLTcreations on Etsy, is a perfect way to be fashionable and functional no matter how many hours you put in. 

Some of TiLTcreations' bags and clutches may be used with your seasonal outfits. Her designs are varied, with clever shapes and sizes to make the browser think, "Whoa, I could carry my [fill in the blank] in that bag." 

The Painted Tree Tan Mini Duffel Bag, for instance is 21 inches long. Many traveling artists and crafters, teachers and students, could fill a bag like this with supplies. 

I've been to classes where part of the time is spent ogling the bags & cases people have to tote around their projects and supplies!

An Etsy shop for destash patterns, fabric and supplies called Tilttoo is also open. 

I got a kick out of the banglets. This was the first time I've seen them, and I like the name. 

From her description:
"Never heard of a Banglet? Me neither. I made it up. I thought calling it a wristlet was not quite right since it has a bracelet on the strap. This bracelet is also quite handy when you want to be "hands free". So...Bangle + Wristlet = Banglet."

Keep up with TiLTcreations, her life, her process and of course, her latest creations by visiting her blogs. You may be lucky enough to win something in a giveaway!

A purse in brown and green paisley would be fun especially on St. Patrick's Day.

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