Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hey Mister, Are You Tall?

Fry & Laurie as Jeeves & WoosterSome would say that I'm vertically challenged. Others would say I'm of average height. While either may be correct, I don't usually concern myself with the situation one way or the other. I have trouble getting things down from high places for many reasons. You find alternate ways to accomplish tasks.

I was thinking about a very small group of male celebrities who seem to be quite tall. It was definitely time to try to find out how tall they actually are. Someone had get this info and put it on a list somewhere. As often happens, coming up with an online consensus wasn't easy. All heights given are approximate.

6' 8"  Richard Moll, Bull on Night Court
6'8   Chris "CJ" Jacobsen Chef, appeared on Top Chef
6' 7"  Penn Jillette
6' 5"  Jackson Galaxy, Cat Daddy, My Cat from Hell, Animal Planet (not confirmed)
6' 4½" Stephen Fry
6' 4"  Garrison Keillor 
6' 3"  Tom Rush
6' 2½" Hugh Laurie 

The list could go on and on, including more guys and celebs from the past. Women of course should never be excluded. There are other general lists around of people's heights if anyone is interested.

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