Monday, November 26, 2012

Giants Decorations Celebrate the SF Giants and NY Giants this Holiday

Bring your team home for the holidays

2012 San Francisco
Baseball X-mas Ornament
Check for 2014
Giants fans have a lot to celebrate this holiday season. Whether you're a fan of the NY Giants football team or the SF Giants baseball team, you and your team were winners in 2012! Look for your teams. 2012-2015 and beyond.

The New York Giants won Super Bowl XLVI this past February, defeating the New England Patriots.

The San Francisco Giants won the 2014 World Series!! They swept the 2012 World Series in Orange October, defeating the Detroit Tigers in four games.

Maybe you want to decorate your tree with a few Giants ornaments or devote a whole tree to the team. You can customize them, create photo ornaments.

Were you at the big game? Add pictures of yourself and your family! Add text, give the ornaments as favors and gifts. Several of the cards and even clothing items allow you to personalize. Just "Customize it."

NFL New York Giants 2012 Super Bowl XLVI Championship Ornament

This is chrome-plated showing the two teams' helmets, the final score and the date of the game.This ornament is 6 1/2 inches tall. Get the trophy on your tree.

Having unusual colors, those other than the typical red, green, gold and silver are really refreshing at holiday-time and they show your personality, your true interests and style.

Many of the ornaments are not overtly holiday themed at all. Keep them out all year. They come in team colors. Keep them out for luck, as mementos, for decor in the man cave or living room.

Do you have more than one tree? Different decor for different rooms in the house? A sports themed tree would be fun for a game room or den where family and friends gather to watch the games.

Having an ornament making party before the holidays is a fun bonding experience and a good way to put some relaxing time in between all those things we feel like we have to do or should be doing. Use the team colors for something subtle or go all-out with the team mascot, the logo, football or baseball ornaments, ticket stubs!

Give the ornaments as favors or awards at holiday parties. We've heard of their being used at place settings around a table as favors. Personalize them with someone's name or favorite team?

Personalized American Football Grid Iron jersey Ornament
Personalized American Football Grid Iron jersey Ornament
Make your own photo ornament on zazzle.
Note that some of the ornaments allow photos, designs and text on both sides!

New York Tees
New York Tees
Make your own unique custom t shirts no minimum at Zazzle

The New York Giants Jingle Jam

Don't stop believing! A favorite sports fan song, for the Giants fans Christmas

Make some of your own ornaments, what are your team's colors?
Have a fun and happy holiday season

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

5 Child photography tips Holiday pictures without stress

Five Tips for Photographing Children

Maybe you're compiling a photo album or making scrapbook pages, putting your annual holiday cards together. Are you taking photos to enlarge and frame as gifts for relatives? This is one of those times of year when we take even more photos than usual!

Whether it's on Thanksgiving day or a lazy day at home wrapping presents, you don't have to stress out worrying about getting just the right photos! Chances are the more you stress the more they will.

If they're getting dressed up for a special holiday card or calendar photo shoot, maybe photos with Santa, prepare ahead of time for a drama-free photo session. Think ahead about meals, naps, exercise, having the pictures taken in familiar surroundings. These tips are for any time you want to take photos.

Get a sweet expression
1) * Get down to their level. Focus on their eyes. Don't try to get the child to look right at you/the camera all the time and don't always look for a smile. A natural expression can be priceless. How many of us have photos of screaming or crying babies on Santa's lap?

2) * Photo shoot props: Make it fun. Props should include child friendly items. Little kids love to get inside things, a box, bathtub, washtub, laundry basket. How about something very fun like a big rocking boat, a rocking motorcycle or animal like a dinosaur??

* Baby photography can be some of the most fun. Traditional pictures include iconic family mementos, work  and other items belonging to Mom & Dad.

Is Dad a member or the military or a fire fighter? Many  heartwarming photos have been taken of tiny babies alongside a pair of army boots or fire fighter  boots. Set Mom's stethoscope beside the sleeping baby?

3) * Pictures of kids playing: If your kids are running all over the place, try putting your camera in sports or action mode, if you're using the automatic settings. Is there a burst setting? Chances are  your camera has something like this where you can capture fast-paced action.

4) * Don't place your subject in the center of every photo. You can control this either when you're taking the picture or maybe think about it when you're cropping it later.

What's the child looking at?  This will be of interest later when you're looking through the photos.

5) * Wear a favorite piece of clothing, carry a lovie/favorite toy. You may well keep your special shirts or onesies and pass them onto other babies to come. You'll want to remember that she looked so cute in that little shirt that said, Candy Cane Princess! or Smart Girls Rock!
You don't want to be squinting in the years ahead as you look at photos trying to read what the shirt said because a flash hit the sparkles the wrong way.

When photographing sparkly things, it can be best to shoot from a bit of an angle to avoid glare. Also check on which direction your light is coming from. Adjusting the light and/or using natural light will help.

If little ones want to dress up like Mom & Dad all the better! Maybe they want to show off a hobby. Take enough photos so you can choose the one that shows off your child, the scene you've set and what they're wearing the best. Because What happens in preschool stays in preschool ?!  :-)

Blue and Grey Snowflake Holiday Card Photo Card Template
Blue and Grey Snowflake Holiday Photo Card Template
Add your own photos & text, choose from many other cards
Consider using vintage family photos alongside current ones, pictures of pets, too
Matching or complementary stamps are often available

Create your own picture card on zazzle

Shop Santa Suits
Santa and other Christmas costumes, decorations for young and old

Trampoline & Santa Baby images from public domain pictures 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Custom Ornaments Shoe Theme

5 Shoe Ornaments to Personalize: Because she's dreaming of that special pair of shoes for Christmas! Tantalize the Fashionista in your family. A little something for the bride-to-be, even the military man and more.

The nontraditional theme makes them year-round home decor, gifts for the college dorm, the first apartment to your office or bedroom. Give as party favors, door prizes, raffle giveaways. Place your business logo, name and info on the back. Don't forget to choose your favorite style and shape. 

Stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood celebrate Christmas around the world. In France "the children put out their shoes instead of hanging up their stockings, and their gifts are stuffed into them."

Red Platform Pumps Stilettos Shoe Diva:
Shoe Diva Christmas Ornament
Change Year, Change/Remove the text on the back
Browse through more unique Christmas ornaments online at zazzle

Witch's Shoe Yule ornament:

Yule Ornamment Christmas Tree Ornament
Yule Ornamment Christmas Tree Ornament 
Make your own ornaments at Zazzle
Wizard of Oz fan? Add text to the back

My Hero Wears Combat Boots:

Bride in Western Cowboy Boots, Shabby Chic, Personalize:

Cowboy Family, Patriotic Room Decor:
Row of cowboy boots on haystack Christmas ornament
Row of cowboy boots on haystack christmas ornament
Add your name or Business Name & Year
by prophoto
Create one-of-a-kind personalized ornaments at Zazzle

Create your own ornaments from scratch:

Create your own decorations use your art photos Christmas ornaments 
Create your own decorations use your art photos ornaments

Create Decorations with your own text, logo, photo, memory montage....
Choose size, shape, price, quantity & shape

Those without silver borders allow you to place images and text on the front and back

by TheZazzleGallery
Create More Ornaments

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fashion and Life 10 Boot Songs

Wearing your dancing shoes? Love a great pair of boots? Whether they fall into the category of Relationship, Memorial and Tribute, Fashion, Paradoxical or overlap, here are Ten Boot Songs, Favorite Songs about Footwear that you may remember fondly or may want to learn.

First lines are given. When you listen to the older songs, think about how language has changed over time. Platform boots are very hot, but boots have always been favorites. 

1) Boots of Spanish Leather
by Bob Dylan 1964
Oh I'm sailin' away my own true love

2) These Boots are made for Walking
by Lee Hazlewood
made famous by Nancy Sinatra in 1966
Jessica Simpson also had a version of These boots were made for walkin'
You keep saying you've got something for me

Did you have a pair of Go go boots? Some with 5 inch heels?

3) Black Denim Trousers and Motorcycle Boots
by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller 1955
The Cheers
He wore black denim trousers and motorcycle boots...

4) Big Boots (aka Big Boots Lullaby)
by Sid Wayne & Sherman Edwards
From the album & film GI Blues, Elvis Presley 1960
They call your daddy Big Boots...

5) Ballad of Boot Hill
by Carl Perkins
On the 1965 album Johnny Cash Sings the Ballads of the True West
Out in Arizona just south of Tucson Where tumbleweeds tumble in search of a home...

About the 1881 Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. Three gunmen were killed by Doc Holliday.

6) Boots of Guadalupe
by Nancy Josephson 2010
The Angel Band from the album, Bless My Sole

We saw The Angel Band open for David Bromberg a while back. That was a very good show.

I was strolling down the Zocalo in Sante Fe, New Mexico....

Old Gringo Women's Winged Heart Grace Boots Check out these Women's western boots. Great reviews, such a wide selection of styles and colors.

Ladies Corral Boots
What to the designs symbolize to you? Fine craftsmanship. Many styles and colors.

7) Baddest Boots
by Toby Keith 2003 : Shock n Yall
I saw her turn her head In a drop-dead gaze...

Fun Toby Keith lyrics in this song praising a spectacular pair of crocodile boots. The lyrics talk about a pair of western cowboy boots that were the "baddest on the Boulevard."

Men's Hornback Crocodile Boots : Mauri Shoes Black (seen on the top of this page)

Men's Lucchese Boots will also show that you know how to dress to impress...

8) Kinky Boots
by Herbert Kretzmer and David Lee 1964
Recorded by Patrick Macnee & Honor Blackman from the tv series, The Avengers
Everybody's going for those kinky boots, kinky boots...

Honor Blackman played Dr. Cathy Gale. She's been described as "a self-assured, quick-witted anthropologist who was skilled in judo and had a passion for wearing leather clothes."

Kinky Boots limited copies are still available

Running from 1961 to 1969. Patrick Macnee was Steed on The Avengers. He had a series of beautiful and clever assistants.

A Broadway show called Kinky Boots, written by Cyndi Lauper is opening on Broadway spring 2013. Andy Kelso and Annaleigh Ashford are in the cast.

On December 8, 2012  at the Beacon Theatre in New York Adam Lambert, Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie O’Donnell, Sarah McLachlan, Roberta Flack, Rita Coolidge are among the performers joining Ms. Lauper in the show, Cyndi Lauper & Friends: Home for the Holidays. It benefits homeless lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youths.

“When I first learned that up to 40 percent of all homeless youth in this country identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender I was shocked and saddened.” Lauper hopes to raise awareness and funds to help the situation with this concert.

Pleaser Women's Seductive Thigh High Boots are available in patent leather, too with a 5" stiletto heel. Rave reviews from customers for this lace-up thigh high boot.

9) Fairies Wear Boots
by Geezer Butler / Ozzy Osbourne 1970 Black Sabbath
Goin' home, late last night suddenly I got a fright....

Mischief Christmas Ornament
Mischief Christmas Ornament
Add text (in a light color) and/or photo to the back

10)  Barefoot Boy with Boots On
by Asa Martin 1979
John McCutcheon
What an ominous first line!
Oh, the night was dark and cloud...

Is your favorite boot song listed here? Do you have any others? Don't let anyone walk all over you! Add some more.

Are you ready boots? Start walkin'!

Lauper concert info and quote thanks to Broadway Buzz

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Elton John Pinball Wizard Tall Boots

Elton John's Tall Boots as The Pinball Wizard in Tommy, the Rock Opera


Image used by permission
The Shoe Collection,
Northampton Museum and Art Gallery
Tommy, the Rock Opera by The Who originated in 1969. The musical, Tommy came out as a movie in 1975 with Roger Daltrey in the lead role.

Tommy was Elton John’s first major feature film role. He's remembered as The Pinball Wizard and is credited as the Local Lad. The Pinball Wizard was a hit song in its own right.

Reports are that Rod Stewart turned down the part.

What do you know about the boots Elton John wore in that role?

Their Size & Construction:
As the Pinball Wizard, he wore giant Doc Martens inspired boots, standing 54”, 4 foot 6.5 inches high. They were modeled after 'cherry red' Dr. Martens.

They were made of molded fiberglass by an English company, the Northamptonshire chemical firm Scott Bader.

The boots themselves were put together by the props department of Columbia Pictures. 

Elton’s costume included a pair of his trademark glasses. The memorable piece was the giant boots. They had platform supports above metal calipers. Leather straps attached to his legs allowing him to move as if he were on stilts.

The Story:
Tommy is deaf, mute and blind. He becomes fantastic at pinball, good enough to take on Elton John, the current Pinball Wizard, a.k.a. the local lad.

Because Tommy is so good and he has no distractions, he beats the local lad to become the new Bally table champ! The local lad finally wobbles and falls from his amazing tall boots into the crowd. The audience boos. Tommy is the new Pinball Wizard.

Doc Martensand combat boots have been Punk and other subculture fashion symbols in Britain and the US for several decades. How much, if at all, this played a part in the choice of this costume for the Pinball Wizard is hard to say.

Where are the boots now?
After filming, Elton, an avid collector, asked if he could keep the large boots that he wore for the part.

In 1988, the boots, hundreds of pairs of spectacles and other items of Elton's personal memorabilia were auctioned at Sotheby's. Boot and shoe-maker Stephen Griggs bought the boots for $20,200.

Can we go see them?
The boots are currently on permanent display at Northampton Museum and Art Gallery in The Shoe Collection, as seen at the top of this post. Links to the museum are here, too.

As of the writing of this post, Elton John is appearing at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. You can see him at The Million Dollar Piano. Chances are very good that you'll get to enjoy his singing The Pinball Wizard in person! I don't think he does it standing in boots that are four feet off the ground these days, though.

Do you remember seeing the movie? Have you been to a Sing-Along showing or had one in your home thanks to owning the DVD set?!

For any ladies who feel like strutting their stuff, a really tall boot for us is the The Ophelia Boot in Black, Lace Up Platform from Sole Boutique. It doesn't always have to be Doc Martens. And the guys don't have to have all the fun. icon

If you happen to visit the LL Bean Outlet store in Freeport, Maine, you'll see a much larger than life Bean Boot at the entrance. The Bean Boots were first introduced back in 1912. Couldn't find a height of this boot but it may be around 20' tall! 

Elton John
Elton John (right) Photo, Poster, Framed or not
Buy this poster

Thank you to The Northampton Museum and Art Gallery for permission to use their image of Elton John's Boots

If you visit their web site, you'll find so much information, including The History of Shoes

Check out their Museum Events such as the upcoming Shoe Heaven : Shoes, Pampering & Entertainment

Second image of the Pinball Wizard is from the Tommy video box, available Amazon

Several sources have been consulted and information is as accurate as possible but we're not experts.