Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Erase MS : Paris Hilton : Kathy Hilton : Race to Erase MS : Multiple Sclerosis

Paris Hilton and her mother Kathy have been on some talk shows lately, The View, Ellen Degeneress talking about their Race to Erase MS campaign.

They’ve partnered with the Nancy Davis Foundation for Multiple Sclerosis. The goal is to fund research and treatment and ultimately cure MS.

Having two members of my family with Multiple Sclerosis, this subject really hits home. Apparently Paris Hilton's grandmother, Kathy Hilton's mother-in-law was diagnosed with MS and their family, too knows first-hand what it's like to live with the disease.  Is MS hereditary? What are the symptoms? These are some things you can find out at the Erase MS site.

If someone you know has had a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, you know how important it is to spread the word and to get all the research dollars possible.

MS Multiple Sclerosis I Wear Orange For My Wife 37 shirt

Paris specially designed a t-shirt including the words, Be My BFF & Erase MS (image at top). You can buy this and other cute clothing items and some sparkly jewelry, the proceeds of which all goes to the charity. Pieces by Tommy Hilfiger, David Osmond and Judith Ripka are offered.

The organization has promoted their Orange You Happy to Erase MS campaign raising awareness funds to fight MS. In 2010, Tommy  Hilfiger, long time supporter of the Race to Erase MS, designed a  window at 10 Rockefeller Plaza.

The window featured information and a huge graphic wave of orange.  Orange is the color that has come to symbolize hope in the fight  against MS.

Also in the window were the Race to Erase MS logo and a  photo of musician Avril Lavigne. Ms. Lavigne wore a t-shirt  designed by Nancy Davis to benefit the Foundation as part of her Peace & Love collection. Peace & Love to Erase MS.

MS Books : Kindle Editions Most also available in other formats

Zazzle shirts come in sizes and styles for Men, Women, kids and infants

Post it notes shirt
Post it notes, MS increasing sales of Post It Notes.... by dmlodge53
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May is both Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month and it's Harley Davidson's Women Riders Month! Vrrrooom! Let's get going on this!

[image of Paris Hilton from web site, see link above]

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  1. I thought that Paris was super cool sponsoring a 125 GP race team but now she,s supporting the campaign to erase MS(which I have)she has been promoted from great to fan blody tastic.Thank you Paris,more power to you in your future endevors.You have risin in my esteem from good to look at(and you are) to just a good person.I know others with your money are not as good as you.Thank you!


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