Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Taking apart a piano : Harvesting the Harp : Photo Tuesday

Deconstructing the remains of a piano. A neighbor was hauling part of an old, beat-up baby grand piano to the dump.

Francois asked if he could have it and now we have a great project for recycling, upcycling, new music, art and jewelry projects. 

The garden will get a piece, too.

First is the instrument autopsy The job sounded like we were hitting harps and piano keyboards with hammers, just resounding. Echoes.  

Awesome, in the truest sense of the word. We really wondered what the neighbors thought. Piano abuse? The folks who got to it before we did were guilty of that if anyone, I guess.

As Francois is an experienced woodworker, furniture and guitar builder, the deconstruction of the old piano has been an interesting process. 

The goal is to save as much of the whole, the wood, the keys, whatever is left, in tact as we can.

We'll be posting more photos and information. There's something magical about using musical instrument parts in upcycled art and jewelry.

Saving the instrument itself was not an option.

For an update on the project please see the post, Recycled Instruments, Repurposing a Broken Piano.

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