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Artists' Law Links

Assorted Basic Artists' Law Links
This list is far from comprehensive. I'm not at all affiliated with any of these organizations, nor have I had an opportunity to work with any of them. These are offered as examples of possible resources or starting points. Information given about each comes from their respective web sites.

The Washington Lawyers for the Arts will be holding a Brown Bag Seminar: Model & Property Releases for Photographers & Videographers on August 19th in Seattle.

Volunteer lawyers for artists
: VLA delivers legal services and information to over 10,000 members of the arts community each year. MediateArt pairs artists with mediators to mediate or resolve arts-related disputes outside the traditional legal framework.

Since 1983, Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts has supported artistic expression and creative innovation by serving the legal needs of Washington, Maryland and Virginia’s arts and cultural communities.

Artists' Legal Outreach (ALO) Program
provides artists, arts administrators and arts organizations in all disciplines with access to resources and experienced lawyers to address arts-related legal issues.

The California Lawyers for the Arts (C.L.A.) program, Arts Arbitration and Mediation Services (A.A.M.S.), has been an alternative dispute resolution to artists and entertainers since 1980.

The Art Promote web site has a page links, Legal Help for Artists. They also offer a Copyright Help for Artists page. ArtGally also has an Artists' Copyright page.

The Art Law Group
is "a Bay Area law firm dedicated to providing innovative, practical advice to clients with arts, entertainment, technology and other intellectual property-related issues. Our goal is to find cost-effective solutions for clients of all sizes, tailored to their particular situations."

Colorado Attorney Liz Meyers, Artist Contract Law. "I value art and recognize the unique issues that confront artists, art galleries and creative businesses. As an attorney who practices Art Law, I can assist you with contract law issues, general business and intellectual property protection."

Photography and Art Law is a page by Attorney Bert P. Krages II. He also offers The Photographer’s Right: A Downloadable Flyer Explaining Your Rights When Stopped or Confronted for Photography. "The Photographer’s Right is a downloadable guide that is loosely based on the Bust Card and the Know Your Rights pamphlet that used to be available on the ACLU website."

Harvard Law School's Image Rights page.

Protect yourself from Art Scams.

Film London Artists' Moving Image Network has some Legal Advice & Information. "The following organisations can provide general to specialist advice on a variety of legal issues that you might encounter. It is important to be informed about your rights as an artist, the rights you have over your work and the consequence of contracts and other legally binding documents you may be presented with in the course of your career."

Auckland, New Zealand's Bluevibe Studio has a page, Legal Advice for Musicians and Artists.

Brian Cave's Art Law Blog
: "We help people make, sell and monetize art, and we back our clients in fights over art. Our team of 40 people helps art happen around the world."

You may also check out
The Art Law Blog and Art Law for Everyone: "The arts affect us all. You may work in the creative industries as a visual artist or a musician or a writer. You may operate an arts-based business." calls itself "the launch pad for artists and writers looking for self help legal information."

The Artist Help Network offers
information, including a variety of publications for purchase.

HG Worldwide Legal Directories offers a list of links in a Guide to Art and Cultural Property Law.

Barbara Brabec's Handmade for Profit
: Cashing in on your creativity! has a Legalities links page which covers basics such as licenses and permits, business name registration and zoning laws.

8 Ways to Find a Good Advisor
, Whitewall Contemporary Art and Lifestyle magazine, by Whitewall’s Art Advisory Expert, Heidi Lee. "It was recently published in The Art Newspaper that anyone can be an art advisor. It is true. Anyone can be an art advisor just like anyone can be a financial adviser or real estate broker."

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