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TV Anti-Tip Ideas Childproof Safety Plasma LCD Flatscreen Furniture

Prevent injury from a toppling Flat Screen TV: Earthquake Proof Your Home : Protect Children, Pets

"The number and rate of injuries to children associated with furniture tip-overs are increasing. Pediatricians and caregivers should be aware of this important source of pediatric injury and the strategies for prevention." 
-- Clinical Pediatrics Journal

Think about the layout of your room and your television or monitor. Which of these systems would work best for you?

These devices aren't limited to serving people with small children. Pets run around and could easily knock down a tall television. You don't want anything to make your heavy furniture tip. Is this something you'd like to buy your kids' grandparents or their care providers? Consider furniture safety.

Depending on the size and layout of your home and the placement of the TV, it could be just one bump in the dark or at a party that knocks over that expensive piece of equipment. Do you have an extra-large monitor for your computer? This may be a concern for you, too. If you're creating a baby gift basket for new parents, these are some items to include that are practical. They'll show that you really care and thought about their growing family.

Live in earthquake territory or a location prone to tornadoes or hurricanes? Just one storm when the lights go out and something can happen. There is the need to earthquake proof your flat screen TV. You know all too well about how furniture may shift without any notice. Losing the fancy television is the least of your worries if a family member, including our pets, are nearby when it falls over.

Child home safety is a serious issue. We secure book cases, entertainment centers and other pieces of furniture. Items on and within pieces of furniture can come out in a storm or earthquake.

Perhaps someone in your home is elderly, has a health or mobility issue. We don't want to lose balance and suddenly that find the thing you grab onto causes you and something else to fall. Children will pull out drawers to climb up onto furniture. Little kids in our family have the nickname little monkey. You can't be too careful.

At holiday-time, many people are also considering the infamous falling over Christmas tree. There are trips for keeping children, pets and other things from sending your tree over on its side. On Easter, children root around looking for eggs and special treats.

Will you be entertaining and have more people than usual going through your home? Will relatives be visiting or be house-sitting? Is a friend camping out on your couch? Holidays can be a festive stressful time for the whole family, including our pets.

What are your favorite movies to watch with your kids or grandkids? Do your toddlers operate the remote control themselves? We can show our kids movies from the past, enjoy with them what we loved when we were their age. We can take movies of them and watch them on TV or on other devices. For some of us, that wasn't possible when we were children.

Anti-Furniture Tip : Ready America Flat Screen TV Safety Strap
Ready America Flat Screen TV Safety Strap
Furniture safety straps. Flat Screen Safety Straps are your best defense against earthquakes. Secure large flat screen televisions from toppling in an earthquake, preventing damage and injury.

Easy peel and press application with no holes required and the straps are hidden from view. The straps are black in color to blend with the surroundings of the electronics.

Each package contains two straps for mounting your flat screen TV to your TV/entertainment stand.

Don't wait for accidents to happen. Protect your Flat Screen TV from devastating falls with these TV straps. Made of sturdy nylon, these flat screen safety straps will keep your TV in its place. Hidden from view, easy to install. Made in America.

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How stable is your TV? The information is important - Do you have misconceptions?

Excerpts of TVSafety, CPSC's First Twitter Chat

-- "Every other week, a child dies in the U.S. when a television, a piece of furniture or an appliance falls on him or her. CPSC held a Twitter chat with @KidsinDanger and @GaryASmithMD to talk about anchoring and strapping TVs and saving children's lives." February 2012

In Chicago alone, media has reported that since October four children have died and one has been seriously injured from televisions falling on them.

How many of you put the remote or toys up high on furniture that holds a TV?

Is this just a problem with older tube TVs?

What does childproofing a TV really mean? Where can you find anchors and straps?

Do you know how to safeguard your TV and furniture?

How stable is your TV?

Some of the statistics reported:

Head/neck injuries from furniture tip-overs are most common in kids 9/under.

Every day, more than 40 US kids are rushed to an ED after a heavy piece of furniture has fallen on them

Young children are less able to anticipate danger: That's where childproofing steps come into play. Anchor & Protect

65% of children who died in tipover incidents were between 1 and 3 1/2 years old.


Prevent a Flat Screen TV from tipping over

Choose 2-Pack or 4-Pack

KidCo Anti-tip TV Strap 2 Pack Use straps to help flat screen TV saver will help prevent flat screen TV's from dangerously tipping over.
Helps protect your child from injury. You need a Plasma or LCD TV tie-down to provide protection for your children.

From the day of the baby shower gift -- are other new moms and dads bringing little ones to your home for the party? -- these are good ideas to not only give but to have yourself.

TV Guards, Button Shields

Many of these companies also manufacture Button Shields and TV Guards for your electronics, your TV, DVR, DVD Player, etc. The VCR guards should still be available for those of us who still have VCRs and VHS/DVD player/recorders.

Have you heard the one about the frozen waffle that went into the DVD player? That's one reason the TV Guards were made.

Little fingers can quickly reprogram electronics. Having a plan to put away remote controls is a good idea.

We now use something similar to protect our pets, it helps with dust and pet hair as well.

How many televisions, computers and other monitors do you have in your home or office? Is your office secured?

Video Games & TVs Falling Older Children - At home safety

Practice furniture safety by securing your flat panel stand helpful short video

Attach to heavy furniture: Safety Straps for Equipment : 2-Pack

Option of mounting by attaching to the heavy piece of furniture

Parent Units 2 Pack Equipment Safety Straps, Black
Parent Units Safety Straps for Equipment
These proven performance, award-winning fasteners greatly reduce the dangers associated with unsecured equipment. TVs, stereo equipment, computer monitors, game consoles, etc.

Think about this as a great gift idea for a baby shower, a new mom, a Christmas gift for new baby, new parents. Add it to a new baby gift basket. For parents of toddlers, maybe these are things not thought about until something happens?

Our friends had a power outage during a party. Bad combination of a house full of disoriented friends and a house that was suddenly totally dark. Lots of folks bumping into each other, into furniture.

Safety Straps help secure appliances from being able to move, slip or slide.
These easy-to-use straps are safe on finished wood & all types of electronic equipment.

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