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Famous Actresses with Red Hair

Famous Redheads: Actresses with Red Hair

1931 Clara Bow 1931 No Limit with 
Norman Foster, Dixie Lee,
Stuart Erwin, Thelma Todd

12 Classic Redhead Actresses
Maureen O'Hara
Clara Bow
Myrna Loy
Susan Hayward
Deborah Kerr
Jeanette MacDonald
Greer Garson
Ann Sheridan
Arlene Dahl
Piper Laurie
Rhonda Fleming 
Agnes Moorehead

Clara Bow was famous as the "It girl" in the silent movies of the 1920s

In 1959, Arlene Dahl, mother of actor Lorenzo Lamas, starred in the campy science fiction film Journey to the Center of the Earth. Her costars included James Mason, Pat Boone and a loyal acting pet duck named Gertrud. Love the now steampunk aspects of the environment, costume and props.

Henry Winkler and Greer Garson 1978 Oscars: Star Wars Wins Art Direction

Greer Garson 8x10" Photo

13 More Modern Actresses with Red Hair
Bryce Dallas Howard
Tilda Swinton; signed
The Chronicles of Narnia
8X10 Photo Autographed

Angie Everhart
Reba McEntire
Julianne Moore
Marcia Cross
Marg Helgenberger
Tilda Swinton
Jane Asher
Sissy Spacek
Nicole Kidman
Lindy Booth
Shirley MacLaine

Reba McEntire is well known as a singer and songwriter as well as being an actress.

Bryce Howard is one of the daughters of Cheryl Howard and husband actor/director Ron Howard. She had the memorable role as Hilly Holbrook in The Help. Another fabulous red-headed actress Sissy Spacek played her mom. The movie also starred Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer.

Katharine Hepburn appeared on The Dick Cavett Show 1973

 11 Actresses with auburn, strawberry blonde hair
Judy Garland
Ginger Rogers
Katharine Hepburn
Mary Astor
Billie Burke
Norma Shearer
Miriam Hopkins
Alexis Smith
Dorothy Dalton
Una Merkel
Sally Eilers

Actresses known for their red hair; said to be dyed
Rita Hayworth
Lucille Ball
Jeanne Crain

1920s-30s star Alice White was known for having blonde hair while she was really a redhead

Redhead Revolution
line of makeup and skin care

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