Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rocking Motorcycles Inspired by Harley Davidson Bikes

Hugh Laurie of House, M.D. and A Bit of Fry and Laurie is said to be mad about his motorcycle. We have friends who love to ride their bikes.

While I've seen rocking horses and other rocking animal toys, I was gobsmacked to see that there was a wild assortment of rocking motorcycle toys for kids!

Rocking Motorcycle such as the

Some are modeled after famous motorbikes such as those from Harley Davidson and some are pink for the Barbie fan, girly girls out there. There's even a rocking golf cart.

Your kids will love play that sparks their imaginations. Here's something which is fun and incorporates physical activity. You don't have to insert any quarters or batteries. It's all kid-powered.

Want to dress like Paul Teutul Sr. of American Chopper for Halloween, a party or every day?? Find tps to put together a look like Paul Senior.


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  1. We purchased a rocking Harley for our granddaughter 13 years ago. It has been ridden hard all these years and still looks (and rides) really good. This is something she can pass to her children when she is older. We now have a second granddaughter and plan on getting one for her too! The one we purchased was from a Harley dealership so we probably over paid for it but 13 years (she hasn't rode for a good 5 years but she has memories of it.) and it still rides, its well worth the money.


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