Saturday, October 1, 2011

Royal Wedding William & Kate Costumes Prince Charming Cinderella Great Couples Costumes

Let your husband or significant other know that he's your Prince Charming.

Before the royal wedding of William and Kate was even over, wedding dress designers were hard at work analyzing Kate's dress, coming up with their own versions to get out to the dress buying public ASAP. 

Would women want sleeves like Kate's or would they prefer a little lace jacket they could put on and take off? Every detail was scrutinized.

Now we can dress like the royal couple even if we're not about to get married ourselves. Halloween or any fancy dress occasion allows the costume industry as well to make attractive and affordable costume versions of the couple's wedding attire. So fun!

You'll find the latest Kate and William Adult Royal Wedding Costumes on my page of Prince Charming / Ken Doll / Prom Date Costumes. Also included you'll find the highly sought after Knight in Shining Armor. 

So often the princess costume, the women's costumes are really easy to come by, easy to create. But how about the guys? Our husbands and boyfriends want to look good. They want easy and good-looking costumes. What better than Prince Charming?! 

The Prince Charming jackets seem to be white or blue, as depicted in the Cinderella movie and/or as worn by the character at Disney Land. How do you visualize Prince Charming??

If you're into it, there are some great Zombie and Goth Prom Date versions. Tim Burton would probably approve.

In On Golden Pond when Katharine Hepburn plays the wife of Henry Fonda. She tells him that he is still her knight in shining armor? That's a terrific movie.

There must be some planet where all guys' Prom date tuxes are powder blue. Several of the costume Prom Date tux jackets are blue. You could get together and form some kind of band. An alternate Blue Man Group?

Prom King Zombie AdultEven the Zombie Prom King is in a pastel blue tux. That's the uniform, un-dead or not.

So maybe you've been married for decades and are looking for a couples costume to bring some spark back to your relationship, a costume that your spouse won't hate! Or could be you've actually got a date for a Halloween party and you want a Killer costume combination so he'll thank you for your idea and will be sure to save that last dance for you.

Dress your man up fine this Halloween or for the next fancy dress party on your agenda as your date, your Prince Charming, Prince William, Ken to your Barbie, the perfect Prom Date or your Knight in Shining Armor.

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