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North by Northwest

July 28, 1959 North by Northwest

North by Northwest
Vintage Original Movie Poster Hitchcock Mount Rushmore

Cary Grant Comes Home... for the weekend. Sunday, October 12. 2014 you can see North by Northwest at the Hippodrome in Bristol, England.

"Double bill gala screening of Arsenic and Old Lace and North by Northwest, two of Cary Grant’s most memorable roles on the big screen in the very theatre where young Bristolian Archie Leach decided to be an actor. .... The film will be accompanied by live performance."

North by Northwest
Original Grande Movie Poster, France
Alfred Hitchcock Cary Grant

When in Bristol for the Weekend with Cary Grant, be sure to visit the Cary Grant Statue.  In the past to raise money for Save the Children in the UK, the Cary Grant Statue has been one of the notable statues to don a Christmas jumper (aka a Christmas sweater) in December on Christmas Jumper Day.

"Cary Grant shares some thoughts and comments about Alfred Hitchcock, Ingrid Bergman, and Grace Kelly when answering questions from the audience during one of his one-man-show evenings."
How did the suit in the film stay in such good shape? How did he like working with Alfred Hitchcock?

In the studio days, in most cases and when not doing a period or costume drama men provided their own clothing for films. They were compensated and if they were able to financially, had a tailor who worked with them. Cary Grant had a favorite tailor in London. He knew what was best for him right down to the best pair of Levi Strauss Jeans that looked and worked best, Levis 501s. Grant loved horseback riding.

Their closets at home contained not only their personal wardrobe, but also the items they would wear for a film, to an event, etc. Depending on the type of character you were apt to play, this included items down to gloves, hats and scarves, etc.

Bringing up Cary Grant, His Career and the Oscars, Was he snubbed?

Evenings With Cary Grant: Recollections in His Own Words and by Those Who Knew Him Best 

Cary Grant: The Leading Man, from The Hollywood Collection a biography on DVD, to stream, rent or own

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