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Theme decoration ideas from Christmas window displays

Jeffrey Campbell High Heel Boots
Bring your modern style and whimsy to the Holiday. The Old Woman in the Shoe was updated in real modern style at Christmastime in New York City.

Holiday Image is a company that creates Christmas and other seasonal displays for retail spaces. They bring to life stunning Christmas windows for some of the most prominent international stores.

They work with the companies to celebrate the season but to incorporate their brand and their own image at the same time.

This theme ties in well with a series I did recently about boots in the media. In 2011, Josh Darling, one of their designers was working on a holiday window for the Hugo Boss flagship store window in New York City.

He and a store representative worked together, coming up with the Old Woman in the Shoe idea. His display included a lighted 7' model of a black Boss Boot with silver studs. A TLC episode of Holiday, Inc includes the conception, work and the reveal of the completed window.

Looking for a theme? How will you get a Boot out of decorating your own home this year?! Consider back to a classic, especially at the holidays think of childhood favorites. Look for something familiar like a nursery rhyme that you might make contemporary and that you can personalize is always a great idea.

Note: You'll see the Hugo Boss window around 2:21 into this festive program

How can you decorate your home for the holidays, incorporating your sense of style? If you love shoes, cats, handbags, jewelry, whatever it is, someone has most likely made ornaments in that style. Go literal or figurative. Is it the sentiment or the item itself?

Create your own custom photo ornaments or customize designer items. Give them as favors. Let the windows show us how to take that chance. Not be afraid to go over the top! Make something yourself, create something with your family.

They will become heirlooms, mementos. They may stay up all year if they aren't too holiday-themed or you can have the pleasure of wrapping them and taking them out once a year.

Don't forget other holidays. As Easter trees and Halloween trees become more prevalent, non-denominational and multi-denominational celebrations, too the more personalized decorations are not only more fun, but can be practical on one of your trees if not your only or your main tree.

What do you love? Do you have an outfit ready for that special party or family get-together? Are you more vintage, bohemian, trendy, diy?

What are you doing for New Year's Eve? You may be able to make a necklace version of a special ornament if you find one that is just so special. You want people to stop and say, Wow, this is you, this is original!

Jeffrey Campbell Sirius-Std Mid-Calf High Heel Boot
Black, Black & Silver

Jeffrey Campbell sky high boot in fierce metals
The boot features a 6" heel
Three sleek silver buckles along the side
The towering Sirius-Std is seriously hot
1 1/2' platform

The wonderful reveal...

From designer Sam Edelman : The Kendrix Boot in Black
You'll really love being the woman who lives in these boots!
Leather boot with suede heel;
Multi straps up the front with buckle on top strap

Matching color zipper on the heel
4.5" heel is high enough but not too high
Pointed toe; 5" shaft; 11.5" ankle

The love of shoes and boots paired with the classic childhood nursery rhyme of the Old Woman who lived in the shoe is just one example.

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