Monday, September 28, 2009

Celebrating 50 Years of The Twilight Zone: Rod Serling October 2-3

The Twilight Zone television show premiered on October first, 1959.

Celebrating 50 Years of The Twilight Zone is an interdisciplinary conference dedicated to the works of Rod Serling.

It will take place this October 2-3 at New York's Ithaca College.

The college is just 50 miles north of Serling's hometown of Binghamton. It's also very close to the family cottage on Cayuga Lake where, ­in an Airstream trailer behind the house, some of the most memorable Serling scripts in television history were crafted.

Ithaca College is home to the Rod Serling Archives, and Serling taught at the college from 1967 - 1975. You can follow the Serling Conference on Twitter.

There's a very good episode of the PBS series,
American Masters that focuses on Serling.

As a fan of both The Twilight Zone and old radio, I discovered these
Twilight Zone Radio Dramas, and you may want to check them out. Some are available on iTunes. Let me know if you know of a good web site for the original tv series.

Several sellers on Etsy have great Twilight Zone-inspired items in their shops. The program is eternal.

Final Score's Shop has a number of items, but the one that stood out to me was their WORDIX Rod Serling. It's subtitled "The Twilight Zone amazing framed text art," and is described
as "A picture of Rod Serling from far away but up close its the classic opening narration from the television show The Twilight Zone. The narration is repeated several times in the art."

CreativePal's Shop offers the Classic Twilight Zone Rod Serling Lamp and lamp shade with over 70 images and optional SOUND Rod Serling's show introduction. Rod himself stands 12 inches tall on the base.

RozDeMinion's Shop has a print titled, Asia DeVinyl - How to Serve Man.

So what is your favorite episode & why??

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