Friday, June 19, 2009

World Juggling Day, Are You Ready? And Would Penn Jillette Approve?

"I can't stress to you how insignificant this is," Penn Jillette was heard to say around and about World Juggling Day 1999.

Be sure to hug a juggler, especially on June 18th, 2011 -- but trying to squeeze in when he or she isn't in action is best.

"It's just musings on something I'm obsessed with. If I were in charge, Juggling Day wouldn't happen."

Jillette wrote the forward to The Theory and Practice of Juggling, and was named honorary Chairjuggler for The Special Day in the final year of the last century.

But whether we personally sanction it or not, World Juggling Day rolls around again. It was June 14, 2014. Celebrate to raise worldwide awareness of juggling. Anyone remember Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari's juggling bit during the opening of Bosom Buddies?

They juggled in the opening of the 1980s show.

A good starter complete Juggling Set has balls, rings, scarves, illustrated instructions and more.

When you go see Penn & Teller, like at The Rio in Las Vegas, you may be lucky enough to see Penn Jillette juggle broken liquor bottles.

Times like these, tough times when some folks aren't doing so well, call for an upswing in juggling or something like it, a new spin, a new perspective. Maybe an escape.

Take a look at Oopsy Daisy Petite Circus Monkey Stretched Canvas Wall Art by Lorena Siminovich Choose other sizes, other animals and scenes by Oopsy Daisy Baby. If you have a child, you know about Oopsy Daisy. (below)

It probably won't make you rich, but at the same time, we don't expect the cops to arrest you for having juggling paraphernalia in your car.

As Jillette puts it, "It's something you can learn really cheap and by yourself. It's a delightful kind of special thing."

Jump right in, start small, improve your skills.

Have you ever seen someone Fire Dancing, spinning a pair of lit fireballs around her head? It's a form of juggling called Poi, the Maori word for 'ball,' on a cord. Poi Spinning for Beginners (also includes Veil Poi instruction for Belly Dancers) Fire Spinning Poi can get you started. Are you a dancer? ...

Tangled Metal: Stainless Steel Hacky Sack Leather And Chainmail - What color(s) will you choose? (Footbag) You don't have to be going to the Renaissance Festival  Ready for some Medieval personality juggling? Put some sound into your action.

If your cats are anything like ours, they may be the family's born jugglers. CHASE'M Catnip Puff Balls 30pk

One of our cats walks around with one of these in her mouth until she finds you. Then she'll drop it so she can play fetch. We put them back in the bag (or another zip bag) so they mix with the loose catnip and get re-energized for later play. It's good bonding for you and your pet, good exercise for them.

Why not break up the pack. Put a couple in a smaller bag and give away as stocking stuffers or presents to a friend? Sometimes if a friend is having trouble with their cat, the problem may be as simple as they haven't given their cat any toys - homemade or not. They're just not spending as much time as necessary playing with their pet. Then the pet becomes bored and destructive.

Snowball Cookies: Get them, Make them yourself

Coincidentally, Penn Jillette has been spotted juggling snowballs on YouTube.

This is one of those times to listen to the tall man.

"I'm promoting juggling because it's ...
OK, juggling isn't important,"
Jillette said.

I am presently refining the designs of my Penn and Teller inspired pieces of jewelry. Be very afraid.

[Quotes from Penn Jillette are from a June 1999 Las Vegas Sun interview.]


  1. Love the topic! Thanks for choosing my Carnival photo as part of your blog. I'm very flattered.

  2. Thank you for featuring our chainmail juggling balls! - Julie and Dave

  3. What a fun post! Thanks for mentioning my temari, I'm both surprised and thrilled!

  4. Hooray for World Juggling Day! Thank you so much for mentioning my crochet balls, what a lovely surprise!

  5. Thanks to everyone for the nice comments and to all who created such wonderful & well-rounded items that can help us celebrate today. :-)


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